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Shearwater's expertise is in the design, manufacture and training for TSCM equipment.

Shearwater TSCM specialises in the design, manufacture and training for integrated counter surveillance solutions. Our clients include government, military organisations, police, larger corporations and of course professional sweep teams. Shearwater’s equipment is globally recognised and is deployed around the world. The close relationship the company has with it’s clients, both through the training programs and feedback from professional field operations, ensures that ongoing development is focused at the leading edge, while maintaining a ‘Defence in Breadth’ philosophy.

Do you believe your critical information is secure?

Are you conducting a high level board meeting, a vitally important business negotiation, confidential conference, managing a business merger or company sale.

Have you considered that your organisation may be under surveillance from competitors using covert, hostile listening and tracking devices.
Shearwater TSCM can help you find out.

Sweep Services

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Shearwater TSCM, in addition to design and manufacture of equipment, training operators to use the equipment and indeed the Sweep task itself, offer a Sweep Service for those who have a need but prefer to outsource.

This is based on decades of experience, both government and commercial. A full report is provided, together with any recommendations and further consultation.

TSCM Products

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One of John Little activities while in Government Service was the development of Counter Measures equipment.  This is the basis of Shearwater TSCM today.  Products are continually being updated to combat the ever changing threat and knowledge gained during the ongoing Sweep Service operations is fed back to refine and increase the efficiency.

Two main products are the Shearwater Merlin Mk4 and the Bloodhound.

However, such is the nature of the ever increasing threat a breadth of technology is required for seamless defence.  Shearwater TSCM offers full suits of equipment and all necessary training.

TSCM Consultancy

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Advice and guidance on all Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is provided, both equipment based, operational procedure and awareness training. Guest speaker appearances at Seminars and Conferences is another facility.

Merlin Mk 4

The Merlin MK4 is leading edge design, operating with Shearwater’s own receiver. It has twin quad core computers, inbuilt, operating Linux for the digitiser and Windows for the scan. 
The ultra fast spectrum analyser is portable and can be deployed rapidly.

The Combo

The Combo is perfect for rapid deployment sweep services. The compact case is easy to cary, easy to use and can be carried on as hand luggage for ease of transport.

Virtual Exhibition


We are changing the way we exhibit. In addition to the traditional industry recognised exhibitions, Shearwater is now exhibiting online, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means you never miss the opportunity to see our products in action.

The Blog

Here we share our latest news and articles relevant to you.

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How Can I Sweep My House for Listening Devices?

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Merlin MK 4




Have a threat you would like to discuss?

Whether you require Sweep services, a TSCM product or TSCM consultancy. We can help.

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