Shearwater TSCM

Specialises in the design, manufacture and training for integrated counter surveillance solutions. Our clients include government, military organisations,police, larger corporations and of course professional sweep teams. Shearwater’s equipment is globally recognised and is deployed around the world. The close relationship the company has with it’s clients, both through the training programs and feedback from professional field operations, ensures that ongoing development is focused at the leading edge, while maintaining a ‘Defence in Breadth’ philosophy.

Under surveillance?

We can find out

Are conducting a high level board meeting, a vitally important conference, managing a business merger or negotiating a company sale, it is worth considering that you may be under surveillance from covert hostile listening or tracking devices.

What should you do?

Contact Shearwater immediately in order to instigate a full sweep of the potentially affected area and surrounding areas to locate any agressive devices and put your mind at ease. All of this can be carried out covertly to avoid alerting staff members, delegates and negotiators.




Security and Policing – March 2018

DSEI – 2019

Introducing the Merlin MK3

Merlin has rapid deployment spectrum analysis, with additional Spectrum Analyser functions. It can readily identify clandestine transmissions including SMART Spread Spectrum devices, and display video transmissions, ‘picture in picture’ display.

Click on our latest video to see Shearwater TSCM Managing Director present a selection of our counter surveillance products.

Training Aids

Alternative Devices

In order to realise the full capacity of our products, Shearwater offers full awareness training in Counter Eavesdropping technology to achieve fully functioning security philosophy within your organsiation. Courses are appropriate to both Operational personnel and Security Management.

Our ‘Hands-on’ approach includes exercises involving current bugging devices and state of the art electronic counter measures.

Hunter XD logo
Hunter XD is a Near Field RF detector. It operates on a difference in signal level across two H field antennas thus distinguishing between a high power distant transmission as with a TV channel, and a near by low level transmission as with a radio microphone (bug). This antenna array also provides direction finding (DF). With a bandwidth of 10 MHz to 10 GHz, Hunter XD also has a switchable 2.4 – 2.5 GHz 20db attenuator to aid overall signal detection in a strong WiFi environment. Control is with an AMOLED touch screen, thumb joy stick and read out from a high visibility head up LED display. Monitoring is with cordless headphones.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick and detailed results
  • Automated detection
  • Locate and eliminate mode
  • Threat analysis tool
  • Comprehensive database