The plan, the strategy, the method and full knowledge of the equipment and how it inter-relates to form a seamless defence – is vital. Awareness training to the non-technical staff of an organisation, and especially to the chief executives, is also very useful in achieving a ‘Top Down’ security philosophy

Shearwater TSCM offers a range of training facilities. These cater for the needs of those who are newcomers to electronic eavesdropping technology, as well as to those who are experienced in this sphere. Courses are appropriate to both Security Management and Operational personnel. ‘Hands-On’ is a key feature of course procedure, and includes search excercises involving currently available bugging devices and state of the art electronic counter measures.

Courses are designed for one of two days according to the depth of knowledge required.Courses are available in either Milton Keynes or, if suitable facilities are available, the training can be carried out on the client’s premises

Courses include:

Risk assessment
Threat assessment
Defence strategy, initial and on-going
Planning counter measure operations
Equipment for
– Audio

– RF Far Field

– RF Near Field


– Physical Search

– Training Aids

Report and analysis

Hardware Upgrades

The ever present demands of advancing technology results in the need for maintaining the advantage with search equipment. Wherever possible our products are designed to be up-gradable in order to continue their effective operation without the alternative costly disposal, or worse, being unable to match the ever increasing threat.

Software Updates

Please Contact us for any update requirements


Merlin MK3




Digital filter

TSCM Standards 

The National Occupational Standards for TSCM were developed over a number of years with two groups of TSCM practitioners participating.  Completed and approved in 2009 with input from a total of twenty practitioners in all, they are an excellent representation of professional standards in TSCM.  Shearwater TSCM’s Managing Director John Little played an active role in in both contributing groups.

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) for TSCM are a matter for public access but there here for your study.