Shearwater TSCM is based on the experience of the Managing Director, John Little, who’s career began as a telecommunications engineer and then transferred to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, communications branch.

Duties at the FCO were the technical defence of British missions worldwide during some of the most intense times of the cold war. After some years of living out of a suitcase, he became UK based, and was part of a group assigned to the technical defence of ‘Prestigious Buildings’ in the UK. He later moved to a small in-house design and development unit.

This proved to be a most interesting and valuable experience. There was a need for certain highly specialised equipment based on the Communication Branch’s cumulative years of field experience. Going to outside industry for the design and manufacture of equipment would either have been too expensive or not permissible from a security standpoint. Therefore, his task was to turn needs and experts’ ideas and designs into hardware.

This was followed by duties as a tutor in the in house training school and from here venturing into outside industry and the corporate world.

Since then the company has developed a set of optimum solution TSCM systems. Based on the premise that the security departments, of even formerly wealthy government and corporate bodies have budget constraints, whilst at the same time face an increasing threat associated with the spectacular evolution of the 21st century technology.

Shearwater’s equipment is now deployed around the world. The close relationship the company has with it’s clients, both through the training programs and feedback from professional field operations, ensures that ongoing development is focused at the leading edge, while maintaining a ‘Defence in Breadth’ philosophy.

John Little - Managing Director, Shearwater TSCM

John Little – Managing Director, Shearwater TSCM